Friday, July 28, 2017
By Rikki Feerrar
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         Being healthy while traveling is something that can be challenging, but I promise it is completely rewarding! This year I made the decision to be as healthy as possible, mentally, physically, and emotionally. It was the best decision I have ever made for myself. I want to stay true to making this change a lifestyle, and not something temporary. I eat a plant-based diet with occasional eggs, lean meats, and fish. Food is so much apart of learning about a culture, so I wanted to make sure I had the perfect balance of being healthy, but also absorbing some of the food culture in Greece and Italy. I’m not perfect, and I don’t always eat perfect meals. Having that balance is key to me. Sometimes it’s about nurturing other parts of ourselves, instead of just focusing on the physical. If I could nurture myself emotionally by being present while laughing over a carb loaded/butter drenched meal with my best friend, staring at an amazing view, then that was more than okay with me! I was lucky enough to travel with my “Gabs” who has been a lifelong friend and eats a similar plant-based diet like I do. We have the same outlook about health, so this was extremely helpful. My first tip would definitely be to travel with someone who views the world similar to what you do! Traveling with someone on the same page as me made this experience so much better.

         Looking back on my previous vacations, I regret stuffing my face at buffets and then lying down due to a food coma. To me, traveling is about having the energy and mindset to explore and truly be engaged in the culture. Not feeling well because of the food you’re eating can take away from the overall experience. On this vacation, Gabs and I would eat, and then be ready to go explore! As I write this on the plane home, we both feel that this was one of the best trips we have ever taken in our entire lives. We enjoyed every bit, the company, the food, the scenery, and the adventures.

         European diet is pretty awesome. Most things are fresh, organic, and made with passion. There are tons of healthy options but there are also tons of unhealthy options too. There are many fruits and veggies available, but there are also delicious chocolates, ice cream, and fried foods as well. We started our journey in Greece. It was pretty easy to eat healthy because the Mediterranean diet is full of fresh produce. Olive oil is drenched on basically every single food group! Olive oil is a great healthy fat and we both took full advantage of slathering it on everything… even for breakfast. In Europe the portion sizes are a lot smaller. Breakfast consisted of fresh fruit, hardboiled eggs, fresh bread, and black coffee. Everything looks beautiful and tastes beautiful, so it’s important to not get carried away. While reflecting on this trip, I have put together some tips to help friends who are traveling anywhere.  I hope this inspires them to have the best trip ever! Enjoy….


Walk, don’t ride

Europeans walk everywhere. We found a restaurant at the top of Positano when exploring Italy. We looked at the map and realized it would take us over an hour to walk uphill to the restaurant. At first we hesitated because we didn’t know if we wanted to walk that far, and then finally we both said, “Mama didn’t raise no quitters… “ and off we went. We arrived at the restaurant drenched in sweat, but it was completely worth it. Our phone app told us we walked up a 100 story building. But… who’s counting? 

Travel with people who support you

As I stated earlier, travel with people who are on the same team as you! The whole trip Gab and I motivated each other to have the best and healthiest time. We woke up each morning, stretched, watched the sunrise, and planned how we wanted to spend our day exploring.


Eat less, drink more water

Water is my favorite drink. I don’t think it’s appreciated nearly enough. We carried water with us at all times, or as much as we could. This helped us stay hydrated and helped to keep us energized while it was hot, because we were traveling from sunrise to sunset. We also shared every meal. This was nice because it saved money, and it also allowed us to not waste any food. We ate light appetizers, and instead of ordering two plates of pasta, we would order one and split it. 

Eat slow, enjoy the view

Catch up with old friends, enjoy, and BE in the moment. We stayed at our restaurants way longer than anticipated because we enjoyed our view and conversations so much. We even accidentally stayed so long at one restaurant that we took a family’s reservation. Because the waiter liked us so much, they ended up seating the family right behind us. The mother gave us death stares for the rest of our meal, but it was totally worth it because the view rocked! (It also pays to be friendly). Enjoying your time while traveling is so important. We tried to spark up as many conversations with locals as we could. The interesting thing is that we were so excited to learn about their culture, but they were just as excited to learn about ours! Everyone thought it was so cool that we were from a small town in Pennsylvania and said it was “just like the movies.” This taught me to appreciate where you come from and what makes you unique. The grass always looks greener on the other side.

Red wine all the time

I recently also made the decision to stick mostly to red wine. I truly dislike the taste of all alcoholic drinks except for wine. A lot of mixed drinks contain sugar and can make you feel awful after drinking them. I’ve been reading a book called “Woman Code,” and it talks about the effects alcohol has on our bodies. This was a personal decision, but ever since cutting out other alcohols i’ve felt great! Europe was perfect for my taste because they have some of the best wines in the world.


The Healthy Traveler

Thursday, April 27, 2017
By Rikki Feerrar
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I truly believe a dewy vibrant makeup look will never go out of style! I typically wear the same makeup look on my face everyday and it's really simple. Below is a list of the products I use and a little info about how I apply them... and some tips and tricks!


Skincare- ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS start with applying lotion. Dry skin is NO BUENO for makeup. It's so important to apply moisturizer. I then apply rose water spray all over my face. If you are an oily girl, a primer would be really beneficial too. I myself do not use primer everyday, but in the summer I use one frequently if it's hotter out... it helps with oil and will make your makeup stay. 

Rose water- Mario Badescu facial spray ( I love love love it any put it on everyone before I do their makeup)

Lotion- Use whatever you typically use! If it works for you then stick to it... I always tell my brides or anyone getting their makeup done if your skin is dry put on a thick moisturizer before bed!! This is when your skin will benefit the most. 

Primer- My favorite are a mix between Becca Matte poreless primer and Cover FX Matte Primer 



I like to mix foundations together because i've noticed I like others mixed rather than on their own. The two I mix together are.. 

NARS all day luminous foundation ( I don't ALWAYS use this but if I need extra coverage I will use) 

IT cosmetics your skin but better illuminating foundation- This is my favorite right now because I love a dewy look and it's really simple. I sometimes use this just on its own, but if I want more coverage then I mix. 

Another favorite foundation I LOVE is maybelline matte poreless.. I use this a lot too. If i'm not looking for a dewy look I use this. 


IT cosmetics bye bye undereye- I love this because it doesn't dry my undereyes out. (just started using this)


Chanel soleil tan- This is a cream bronzer and you just apply with a damp beauty blender. Because I like a dewy/hydrated look I typically go for cream bronzers. It's my favorite and I use it everyday.

I use powder bronzers occasionally too! My favorite all-time ever is aruba by bobbi brown.. it's amazing. I use it on my eyes too. 


NARS ORGASM- always my favorite. It's peachy and with shimmer and looks good for darker toned skin.. if you're paler choose something pinkie. 


Becca highlight shimmer perfecter- Becca is one of my favorite brands ever. I put her shimmer on my eyes, above my cheeks, and on the tip of my nose. 



Anastasia brow liner in dark brown- My favorite! 

Eye lid

Becca shimmer perfecter 

Eye crease

Bobbi brown aruba bronzer


Loreal voluminous and voluminous million- I like to mix my mascara. A good trick is to apply mascara, a simple coat, wait a few minutes and add more. Letting the first coat dry will help the mascara build! 


Buxom plumper in kimberly- Amazing and makes your lips bigger! It hydrates too. 

Lip liner by revlon in nude

Thursday, April 27, 2017
By Rikki Feerrar
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We live in a world where information can be granted at our fingertips. We can search the web and find out anything about anything or anyone. Technology has connected our world in one of the most intimate ways. Social media has given people the platform to share their lives. Instagram, facebook, twitter… are all vessels for people to be connected and heard. I’ve personally realized that this can be overwhelming. I can now sit on my phone and join a reality with people across the world. I follow bloggers in Greece while I also watch videos of makeup artists in Australia. This is absolutely amazing that we have this opportunity. I’m able to get inspired and learn from people all over the world. However, there are pros and cons to everything. I read a quote once that said, “become aware of your awareness.” This basically means, realize where your attention is at. It’s wonderful to look at other peoples lives and get inspiration, as long as you’re living your life as well. I feel as if sometimes we get so caught up in the lives of others, we forget how to live our own. Nobodies wellbeing or life matters as much as yours. You were created to live your OWN life the best way possible. If you wish so bad to be healthy, as active, or as involved as others, then do it! The time is now people. Defining your own happiness and lifestyle is crucial. What really matters is that we are enjoying our own lives and pleased with everything we create in it. Comparison can be healthy and motivating, but it also can become degrading. Becoming aware of where your attention is, and where you are in your own life can tell you a lot about yourself. If you so bad want to be something, what’s stopping you? I remember for so long I would follow makeup artists and business woman and I wanted to become that so bad. I finally realized, why am I not? I spent way too much time loving the lives of others, that I wasn’t creating that love for my own life.  You are more than enough, and you have the ability to create whatever you wish in your life.


Saturday, January 21, 2017
By Rikki Feerrar
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           My first official plog post ever! I am so excited. I created my personal website to share the happiness that my life has brought me. This includes all things beauty and health, aside from make up. Therefore, I decided to add a portion of blogging. Creating my website and deciding to officially start blogging came at a perfect time for me, I am healthier and happier than ever before. When I decided I wanted to share my lifestyle with everyone, I knew that I wanted this to be what I posted about first. In 2016 I became a completely different person in the way that I think and how I treat my body. I’ve always been someone who assumed I was healthy mentally and physically.  It wasn’t until I started doing my own research on health and mentality that I realized I was listening way too much about the things people told me to do and not enough on what was right for me. I let other people’s opinions become my facts. “It’s okay to procrastinate, you can do it later,” “eating healthy is boring,” “working out sucks.” None of that is true! I did a lot of soul searching last year and realized that I have complete control of my life and all the choices I make. Therefore, I can be as healthy and happy as I want to be! So I did exactly that. I chose to be happy and healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually. I did it because it matters. Ever since I chose to take control I lost 20 pounds, I have the best grades I have ever had in my entire life in graduate school (a little late but whatever), my relationships are better than ever, I have manifested so much into my life, and the overall quality of my life is so much better.

            I started off by changing the way I think. I read a book by Caroline Leaf who is an expert in psychology and neurology. She really taught me how important our thoughts are. If we truly realized how vital it is to think positively about ourselves then we would never have any bad thoughts at all. Our brains are wired for happiness and positivity. Therefore, when we think negatively, we see adverse side effects in our lives and our bodies. So, I decided to think positively. I started off by waking up every morning before I did anything and took a few minutes to decide how I wanted my day to go. I manifested happiness with the people I would be seeing, thought about all the productive things I wanted to do, and told myself I loved myself and I was going to get it done. And….. I did just that! It was something that seems really simple but it made a huge difference. Aside from thinking positive about myself, I made sure that anything that I was engrossed in was positive too. I changed my social media to be full of motivation and health. Both my twitter and my instagram. I don’t have time for negativity. I also became more aware of how I spoke about topics. This is what started my change. I then was motivated to workout and eat healthier. This also required a change in thinking. Instead of dreading a workout (mainly because I just followed what everyone else was doing who were complaining about their workouts) I decided to change how I viewed working out. I got excited for it because I knew it was something that was going to make me stronger and better. This was also something that I made sure I surrounded myself with, people who were doing productive things in their lives. I hiked, lifted weights, and ran with people who had the same positive mentality as me because you seriously seriously seriously are the company you keep! If you hang around positive people you yourself will be positive, just as if you were to hang out with a group of negative people… you’ll become negative.

            Eating healthier. I eat so much more healthier! Holy shit. I was eating mcdonalds, sweet tea all the time, chic fil a, and sugar. DON’T DO IT. I mean, I do it on rare occasion but I try to eat as organic as possible. When I tell you eating organic, eating fruits and vegetables, and cutting out artificial sugar is a game changer, I seriously mean that. I came home from college, right when I started my change, and did this for two months and lost 20 pounds. It wasn’t hard at all because I loved how I felt. I worked out everyday too, but my diet was a lot better. I again, had to change the way I viewed eating. I took my time with eating and appreciated food. I appreciated good food that was organic and good for my body. If you are local to the Williamsport area, Fresh Life on the golden strip was a game changer for me. Instead of getting super hungry at lunch and going through a drive through (because I work in Williamsport), I stop into Fresh Life which is the best thing in our area! Seriously. People are always talking about how our area doesn’t have healthy options to eat. I decided to do my research and found that Fresh Life has a completely organic/whole foods smoothie and juice bar. They also have a chef that makes completely organic/vegan/vegetarian grab and go food. They rock and saved my life. I typically eat lunch there everyday or sometimes breakfast. It’s made such a difference. Food is medicine people! I can’t remember the last time I felt like crap or got sick.

            Manifestations. Grabbing my life into my control has manifested so much for me. For example, this website. Blogging and sharing my make-up lifestyle has been something I always wanted to do. The time is now! Gaining so much belief towards myself and seeing all the positive change I have put into my life has made me feel so powerful. There are things I’ve always wanted to do, FOR YEARS. Look better in a bikini.. travel.. create a blog.. eat healthier.. lose weight.. learn to cook better.. be better in school.. make my own money.. All of these things have been manifested since changing my thinking and my lifestyle.

            I’m writing this completely as me. I wanted to start my blogging off as something motivational and happy because that’s who I am! I will be sharing so much about health and beauty. I’m obsessed with everything related to feeling good. 

You are your quality of life.