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Saturday, January 21, 2017
By Rikki Feerrar
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           My first official plog post ever! I am so excited. I created my personal website to share the happiness that my life has brought me. This includes all things beauty and health, aside from make up. Therefore, I decided to add a portion of blogging. Creating my website and deciding to officially start blogging came at a perfect time for me, I am healthier and happier than ever before. When I decided I wanted to share my lifestyle with everyone, I knew that I wanted this to be what I posted about first. In 2016 I became a completely different person in the way that I think and how I treat my body. I’ve always been someone who assumed I was healthy mentally and physically.  It wasn’t until I started doing my own research on health and mentality that I realized I was listening way too much about the things people told me to do and not enough on what was right for me. I let other people’s opinions become my facts. “It’s okay to procrastinate, you can do it later,” “eating healthy is boring,” “working out sucks.” None of that is true! I did a lot of soul searching last year and realized that I have complete control of my life and all the choices I make. Therefore, I can be as healthy and happy as I want to be! So I did exactly that. I chose to be happy and healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually. I did it because it matters. Ever since I chose to take control I lost 20 pounds, I have the best grades I have ever had in my entire life in graduate school (a little late but whatever), my relationships are better than ever, I have manifested so much into my life, and the overall quality of my life is so much better.

            I started off by changing the way I think. I read a book by Caroline Leaf who is an expert in psychology and neurology. She really taught me how important our thoughts are. If we truly realized how vital it is to think positively about ourselves then we would never have any bad thoughts at all. Our brains are wired for happiness and positivity. Therefore, when we think negatively, we see adverse side effects in our lives and our bodies. So, I decided to think positively. I started off by waking up every morning before I did anything and took a few minutes to decide how I wanted my day to go. I manifested happiness with the people I would be seeing, thought about all the productive things I wanted to do, and told myself I loved myself and I was going to get it done. And….. I did just that! It was something that seems really simple but it made a huge difference. Aside from thinking positive about myself, I made sure that anything that I was engrossed in was positive too. I changed my social media to be full of motivation and health. Both my twitter and my instagram. I don’t have time for negativity. I also became more aware of how I spoke about topics. This is what started my change. I then was motivated to workout and eat healthier. This also required a change in thinking. Instead of dreading a workout (mainly because I just followed what everyone else was doing who were complaining about their workouts) I decided to change how I viewed working out. I got excited for it because I knew it was something that was going to make me stronger and better. This was also something that I made sure I surrounded myself with, people who were doing productive things in their lives. I hiked, lifted weights, and ran with people who had the same positive mentality as me because you seriously seriously seriously are the company you keep! If you hang around positive people you yourself will be positive, just as if you were to hang out with a group of negative people… you’ll become negative.

            Eating healthier. I eat so much more healthier! Holy shit. I was eating mcdonalds, sweet tea all the time, chic fil a, and sugar. DON’T DO IT. I mean, I do it on rare occasion but I try to eat as organic as possible. When I tell you eating organic, eating fruits and vegetables, and cutting out artificial sugar is a game changer, I seriously mean that. I came home from college, right when I started my change, and did this for two months and lost 20 pounds. It wasn’t hard at all because I loved how I felt. I worked out everyday too, but my diet was a lot better. I again, had to change the way I viewed eating. I took my time with eating and appreciated food. I appreciated good food that was organic and good for my body. If you are local to the Williamsport area, Fresh Life on the golden strip was a game changer for me. Instead of getting super hungry at lunch and going through a drive through (because I work in Williamsport), I stop into Fresh Life which is the best thing in our area! Seriously. People are always talking about how our area doesn’t have healthy options to eat. I decided to do my research and found that Fresh Life has a completely organic/whole foods smoothie and juice bar. They also have a chef that makes completely organic/vegan/vegetarian grab and go food. They rock and saved my life. I typically eat lunch there everyday or sometimes breakfast. It’s made such a difference. Food is medicine people! I can’t remember the last time I felt like crap or got sick.

            Manifestations. Grabbing my life into my control has manifested so much for me. For example, this website. Blogging and sharing my make-up lifestyle has been something I always wanted to do. The time is now! Gaining so much belief towards myself and seeing all the positive change I have put into my life has made me feel so powerful. There are things I’ve always wanted to do, FOR YEARS. Look better in a bikini.. travel.. create a blog.. eat healthier.. lose weight.. learn to cook better.. be better in school.. make my own money.. All of these things have been manifested since changing my thinking and my lifestyle.

            I’m writing this completely as me. I wanted to start my blogging off as something motivational and happy because that’s who I am! I will be sharing so much about health and beauty. I’m obsessed with everything related to feeling good. 

You are your quality of life. 


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Carmen Bush - Very inspiring Rikki! Habits are tough to break. I stress, therefore I, drink. I was working out pretty regular, but recently have not made time for myself. I'll do it! Thanks!
Ali - Good job love for your first blog post :) Keep up the good work!