Bridal make-up

          -Bridal make-up is the real deal! I give everything I can for the best bridal looks. Prices vary according to choice of hydration mask, skin prep, enhancing primers, and lashes. The total skin prep will provide the long lasting picture perfect look all night. 



          - This includes traditional make up. The price varies due to client's choice of skin prep. For the ultimate look I provide hydration masks, skin prep, enhancing primers, and lashes. This includes prom, photoshoots, and any special events. 


Studio make-up class

         - Classes take place at my makeup studio. It is located at the Pajama Factory in Williamsport, PA. I will have a model with me to do a full on demonstration of application, tools, and product break down for an everyday look! I hand out clip boards for the audience to take notes while I teach this everyday natural look!


Private make-up session

       - These sessions take place at the studio. I will explain skin care specific for skin types, tone, texture, and age. I will provide a complete product breakdown and application teaching how to apply make-up appropriate to the client. This includes contour, highlight, and enhancing complexion. The client will also get a list of every product I use on my clients and recommendations for their personal use. Any style or preferences can be taught according to what you would like to learn! This event can be private or small group. 


Make-up party at studio

       - This event is meant for groups who want to host their own party! I will provide tips, demonstrations, and application technique based on everyone's interest. I will also explain product information appropriate for skin type and age. This is a great way to have fun and learn about make-up!